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Angela: Stacey is absolutely the BEST WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! She is a true artist with a distinct style. She is incredibly professional, always setting up the most amazing shots. I give her my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. She is worth every penny! If you are lucky enough that she is available for your wedding, hire her immediately, you will be thrilled that you have such a professional capturing the most meaningful day of your life! 

Isela: I am very pleased with my wedding photos. She is very professional, and loves her job. She is open to your photo style but at the same time will direct you professionally. It was a pleasure working with her. I loved every wedding photo! What I really loved about the whole experience is how she captures sooo many great photos that weren’t staged, while being lowkey and behind the scenes. I was able to enjoy my wedding day, walking around, dancing, talking, kissing my husband and she captured everything from a distance, I was like “Wha?? Where was she??”. Pre-ceremony pictures she made me feel very comfortable to see how much she enjoyed taking pictures of me, that gave me extra confidence and brought out the best in me. She will fix you to get the best shot, and she was snapping away with excitement and it made me that much happier to see she loved to take pictures of me. I would definitely use her services again in the future. My husband was very happy with her, and said “we” will give her a call for our next life event..like.. maternity shoot..I def recommend her, money well spent.  

Jenn: Stacey Adams is a super talented photographer and I couldn’t have enjoyed working with her more. She is very professional, but warm, friendly, laid-back, and does a great job of putting people at ease so that she can capture the best possible photographs. When I saw the slide show she put together of our wedding photos, I couldn’t stop crying. They were so beautiful and perfectly captured the spirit of our wedding day. I recommend her very highly for any event. 

Brian: I have had the good fortune of watching Stacey shoot multiple weddings (including my own). She’s always very accommodating and sweet. And her photography is absolutely fantastic! The quality of her work is consistently superb–I can’t say enough about her. She’s not an in-your-face type of photographer; you never really realize she’s there. She’s great at capturing candid, natural shots. And she has a great eye for lighting. At our wedding, she intuitively knew where the best shots would be. Trust her eye! 

Ariella: My husband and I were lucky enough to have Stacey Adams photograph our wedding and she is hands down is the most talented photographer we have ever worked with! My husband and I both work in the entertainment industry and have worked with tons of photographers and could not be more impressed by her professionalism and ability to capture the most beautiful shots. Not only is she amazing at what she does but she is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can go on an on about how amazing this woman is but her work clearly speaks for itself. Stacey, we cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for us! 

Robert: We used Stacey for our wedding and LOVED her!!! We feel so lucky to have found her and couldn’t be happier with the amazing photos! She was an absolute pleasure to work with (professional, but very warm) and she always had great suggestions. We loved getting to relive the wedding with her gorgeous wedding album and see all the moments we missed that she captured beautifully. We would whole heartedly recommend her! 

User2420604: Stacey is fantastic! She made my husband and I look great in our wedding and engagement pictures. She had lots of suggestions for cute photos, which helped a lot because I usually feel awkward and anxious when getting my picture taken. She has a great ability to switch from blending into the background to get the candid shots and then being full of helpful suggestions for the posed shots. She is very talented at processing the pictures to make them look even better. We chose a package that didn’t include an album, just the digital files and the right to reprint. We had major problems with other vendors, but Stacey was very easy to work with and gave us what we wanted. We highly recommend her! 

User2910991: The BEST!!! I can’t recommend Stacey enough. We did an engagement shoot with her, which I recommend because you get used to working with her and she gets used to working with you. And we did the photo booth, which people loved. We got some of our best pics of the day from that. She loves different poses and not just your typical stand around in a line, which she’ll do for you as well. Stunning pics, and a fast turnaround. Everything is online so it’s easy to share with your friends and family, and the pics look great! Of course, it could just be that we’re a great looking couple 😉 

Chauna: Stacey was absolutely the BEST decision we made in our wedding planning. She was amazing, flexible (destination wedding and she STILL brough her stuff to do a photo booth) and is truly talented. She delivered much more than we expected. Years later, all we have from our wedding day are the memories and the beautiful pictures she took. They are truly beyond pictures and are more like art. I still receive so many compliments on our pictures and they always want to know who took them. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! 

Danila: Incredible! Stacey is such a professional, kind and TALENTED woman. We were really lucky to book her for our fall wedding in Algodones, NM. She listened to everything that we wanted and created an incredible documentation of our special day. She has such a different perspective than other photogs, and while we knew we would be pleased with the results, we couldn’t have imagined how gorgeous her work would be. We highly recommend Stacey! 

Pui: Stacey was an AMAZING wedding photographer! She was very professional, easy going, had wonderful shot ideas and so easy and fun to work with that our entire wedding party raved about her. And the icing on the cake is our wedding photos she shot were PHENOMENAL!! We got SO many compliments and admiration from her work that I could not say enough great things about Stacey. She truly captured our big day in such a way that I know years from now, I will look at the photos and still get teary eyed. Stacey has an amazing eye and her talent is strongly reflected in her work. I would recommend her without hesitation. You won’t regret it!  

Midori: Stacey is a very talented, calm, professional and flexible photographer. She has the ability to capture emotions and motions in candid photos, and also coordinate staged photos in a way that conveys both emotion and togetherness. I appreciated her integrating nature very well into our wedding photos (ie. light, trees, leaves, hills, dirt) because ‘nature’ and ‘green’ were the main themes of our wedding. It was absolutely a delight to see Stacey’s photos after the wedding. We enjoyed our wedding so much, and it is truly a treat to get to go back to the photos and experience it again. In our wedding, there were so many connections going on between people that we weren’t aware of, but we were able to witness that through Stacey’s photos afterwards. Stacey was not only a photographer, but she also kept us on track with time. She did so with such tranquility and confidence, which most likely played a large role in keeping the event stress-free. She is very flexible with working with our budgets and very friendly with not just you but your guests too. 

Marla: Stacey was incredible. We were married at Cicada in downtown Los Angeles and she really captured the emotion and style of our wedding. Stacey used a lot of natural light for the pre-wedding photos. She was creative and fun. She really knew how to make us more comfortable and natural. At the ceremony and party, our guests commented on how easy she was to work with and that she was not intrusive. I would highly recommend Stacey Adams. 

Rachel: Stacey was absolutely amazing. First, her skill as a photographer is second to none (and I hire photographers as part of my work, so I have some experience in this area). The photos of our wedding were amazing, a nice blend of staged and editorial-style photography. She provides incredible value for the dollar. Also, her calm personality was exactly what we needed on our wedding day. When my maid of honor locked the keys in her car (and I had no way of gettting to our venue) Stacey stepped up and loaded all of my gear into her car and drove. me. She’s a gem. 

Milla: My wedding flew by so quickly and when it was over, all that was left were the memories that Stacey was able to capture for us. She is so talented, creative, and isn’t afraid of getting dirty (doing whatever is necessary to get that perfect shot). She is very professional and can help you out as much or as little as you want. My husband and I actually preferred her telling us what to do because she is very experienced and knows what she wants. At the end, all of the shots turned our very natural and beautiful and I can’t stop looking at the pictures. In addition, my friends who had already gone through the process and are married said that the worst part of their wedding was taking the pictures. But Stacey made the whole process quick, fun and very memorable in itself. We can’t thank her enough. 

Sarah: Stacey has a great eye for capturing the beauty, raw emotions and special moments from getting ready for the big event to winding down (and everything in between). She provided us with beautiful and artistic photos from our wedding. Her website has great examples of her work and she is both easy to talk to and professional. She is very flexible with the packages that she offers and very approachable about your input and desires for the final product. It is just so great to have a photographer you can count on to enhance the days events and capture your favorite memories. 

Gillian: I chose Stacey based off her website and loved her ability to capture the moment. I was never one for organized photos of the family overly posed and stiff, or the groomsmen high-fiving each other and Stacey seemed able to avoid that problem even when people were in the traditional family line up. She was amazing to work with, easy, comfortable to discuss my ideas with and she moved through the crowd without disrupting anyone. Even the posed photos of my family and wedding party are unique and still capture the warmth and love and humor we felt that day. The pictures are perfect and I am so happy that I found Stacey for an event that really cannot be handled as a ‘do-over’ if something goes wrong. 

Karen: Stacey was wonderfully professional and laid back. She really observed the event and took the best from what was happening while being unobtrusive. She recognized my style and produced photos to show it. I couldn’t be happier and would definitely recommend her to a couple looking to really capture their image of the perfect wedding.  

Angie: Stacey Adams does amazing photography! In addition, she is incredibly easy to work with, was responsive to our needs, and is professional. She fit in great with our wedding party, was fun and took a lot of beautiful photos! We really wanted someone that would capture our entire event, so she took pictures for 5 days for us in Puerto Rico, from beach volleyball to body surfing to pre-wedding pictures to the wedding and reception. They turned out amazing and we look at them constantly and smile. We wouldn’t want anyone else to have done our wedding! I highly recommend Stacey Adams Photography without any reservation! 

Kristen: Stacey Adams is THE most talented wedding photographer available. She’s artistic yet can do traditional photos. I was so grateful that she does weddings and hope to book her one day to take continuing photos of our growing family! Hands down she is the best photographer out there. Just take one look at her website and you will know she can do anything and make everyone and everything look exceptionally beautiful. 

Jennifer: I highly recommend Stacey Adams for your wedding. She is phenomenal. My husband and I are very well versed in quality photographers due to my husband’s career and in my opinion, Stacey is hands down the best. She not only is able to catch the best shots I’ve seen, she does it in such a graceful way. You hardly know she’s there unless it’s a group shot, of course. And even then, she is very efficient and professional. We have one of our photos from our wedding night that she shot blown up and framed in our home and the only way I could describe it without you seeing it in person, is epic. Everyone comments on it and loves it. She captures all the images and more than one could want. She is an artist in the first order. Aside from photography, she is also a highly capable portrait painter. We were satisfied with the quantity and the quality of the images. As far as interacting during the wedding, she has a way of getting the photos you really want without you even realizing it. She simply blended into the environment and became part of the whole. I remember receiving our photos a lot sooner than I expected as well. We have used her many times for various occasions and would definitely use her again. Her website speaks for itself or just google Stacey Adams Photography. I assure you, you will be highly impressed with her work for any type of photos that you are in the market for, especially for your wedding! 

Andrea: We had a fabulous experience with Stacey. Her photos captured the fantastic setting where we were married, as well as the great time with our friends and family and the emotion of the day. We have a beautiful photographic memoir of our wedding day and it’s one of our most treasured possesions! 

User4958940: Stacey Adams Photography provided my firm with professional photographs of our employees to be used in our advertising and website. She was extremely professional and made us all feel very comfortable. She was flexible with our schedules and very responsive in communicating with us. What was most compelling about her work is that her photographs are, in many ways, pieces of art. She asked us what we wanted to convey in our images and her photographs go over and above in accomplishing this goal. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.  

Kaella: Stacey was referred to us by a friend, and we felt comfortable with her right away. She is a very talented photographer. Skilled both at catching candid moments, and creating dramatic shots. She also made sure to capture all the event details, like our rings, bouquets, cakes in such a way that they should be in a wedding magazine. Our photos turned out stunning and really capture the wedding in its entirety, from the magical ceremony to our guests getting down on the dance floor. I highly recommend having an engagement photo shoot session prior to your wedding. It is a time where you can really communicate how you like to look in your photos and what type of photos, so that your wedding day is seamless. Stacey is really fun to work with, extremely talented and I’d recommend her to any bride and groom.