Big Sur Wedding at Point 16 | Evan + Justine

When Evan and Justine asked me to be the photographer for their destination wedding in Big Sur, I couldn’t have been more excited! In case you’ve never been there, Big Sur is a magical place with awe-inspiring views of the Pacific coastline. They chose Point 16 as their venue and I have to say that it is honestly one of the most amazing places I’ve ever photographed. Although they are both lawyers, Justine has quite a creative side as well and she commissioned several artists from Etsy to create custom decorations for the wedding. The seating chart was designed with drawings of their beloved dogs, and Evan and Justine also gave each other hand-made silver bracelets in addition to their wedding bands. The flowers by Kate Healey were absolutely gorgeous, and the whole event was catered by Cheri and her amazing team at A Big Sur Affair (I’ve included a photo below of the menu just to make your mouth water!) I also really loved Justine’s non-traditional wedding dress with it’s pink hues which looked lovely against the vivid blues and greens of the landscape. When the sun went down, there was a huge bonfire for guests to sit around and chat when they needed to take a break from the dance party. Seriously one of my most favorite weddings ever!

Big Sur Wedding 29big sur wedding 14DSC_0819big sur wedding 22DSC_0949big sur wedding 24big sur wedding 13DSC_1031big sur wedding 21big sur wedding 20big sur wedding 19big sur wedding 18big sur wedding 17big sur wedding 16big sur wedding 23big sur wedding 12big sur wedding 10big sur wedding 15big sur wedding 11big sur wedding 9Big Sur Wedding 26big sur wedding couplebig sur wedding 7big sur wedding 4big sur wedding 5big sur wedding 3big sur wedding 2

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John + Billy | Provincetown Wedding

I recently had the great pleasure of photographing the wedding of John and Billy at the Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I have obviously photographed a lot of weddings over the years, but I have to say that this wedding was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve ever experienced. Not only was it due to the sheer excitement of the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision to make same-sex marriage legal, but the main reason that it was so touching was the amount of love that was present. John is the kind of person that you instantly feel close to because he is so warm and outgoing. From an early age, he had always known that he wanted to work in politics, but had spent many years denying his true nature for fear that it might interfere with his political aspirations.  All of that changed when he met Billy and the two fell madly in love, and now John is pretty much the poster boy for gay marriage and is also very successful in Washington! By the time they bought their first house together in 2012, they knew it wasn’t a question of whether they would get married but when they would get married. Their wedding in Provincetown was a beautiful gathering of friends and family from all over the country (you can watch the slideshow here). It was a full weekend of events, starting with an opening pool party and a rehearsal dinner clambake where the two grooms honored each of their groomsmen and groomswomen with personal stories about each of them. And if you thought there were a lot of (happy) tears at the rehearsal dinner, it couldn’t compare to the actual wedding where there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! There is something very powerful in seeing two people who are truly in love and have the full support of their family and friends in honoring a love that the rest of the world doesn’t always validate. Thank you John and Billy, for allowing me to be a witness. Love wins!


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Los Angeles Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography| Stacey Adams Photography

I recently had the honor of my photography being featured in a double-page spread in Rangefinder Magazine, which is the award-winning monthly magazine for wedding and portrait photographers. In the article, I was interviewed by Sarah Kinbar about what it’s like to be a ‘coming of age’ photographer. While I am primarily a fine art wedding photographer, I also do a lot of teen and senior portrait photography, and as you can imagine with being based in Los Angeles, I have photographed some pretty outrageous Sweet 16’s and Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s! In the article, titled The End of Innocence, Kinbar notes that many of my documentary-style shots look like behind-the-scenes footage from the making of a music video.  It’s true that kids do grow up fast, which is why it’s so important to have professional photos made that capture these beautiful and fleeting moments. I take that aspect of my job very seriously, because I know that the images I give to my clients will be looked at for decades to come, and that when memories fade, the photographs become the moments that define one’s life. If you’d like to see the whole article, you can read the digital edition here.

Two page spread in Rangefinder magazine with girl in blue lying on a diving board over a pool. The photos on the right are of a young shirtless boy wearing bright red boxing gloves, a male teenager in a suit with his tie blowing in the wind, two teens dancing at a sweet sixteen party, and 5 young males jumping into a pool

Stacey Adams Photography featured in Rangefinder Magazine.

Cover image of Rangefinder Magazine that shows bride laughing with her bridesmaids



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Los Angeles Senior Prom Photography

Being that it’s prom season, I recently photographed a prom party for The Archer School for Girls in Westwood. This was especially fun because typically I am a wedding photographer, and one of the things I love most about photographing weddings is capturing the glamour of the bride on her special day, so this was a natural transition to photograph these girls feeling and looking their most glamorous! The party was held at one of the girls’ parents house in Beverly Hills, and I have to say that I was really impressed with how mature everyone was, especially compared to how I was at that age! My only wish is that I had beautiful photos like these taken at my prom so that I could actually remember it! Prom is a right of passage, and everyone at this party looked ready to walk the red carpet. Since their class of 2014 theme is Dream Team, it seemed appropriate to use the song “Team” by Lorde for the slideshow… you can check it out here.

Large group shot of the prom party, with the boys wearing mostly classic black suits. The girls are wearing long party dresses that are very elegant, and there are purple and pink party decorations.

Beautiful blonde girl in black gown having her sash tied.

Triptych showing a girl in her black and fuscia prom dress, a prom couple in muted midnight blue and black, and customized party favors

Three girls in black dresses excited for prom



Luani and Nirav| Indian Wedding | Erhart’s by the Sea

Mehndi, or henna, is an ancient form of art that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is believed to bring love, good fortune, and to protect against evil. There was an abundance of love and good fortune at the wedding of Luani and Nirav, who are two doctors that fell in love through the miracle of modern technology: internet dating! Although they both have very different backgrounds, with Nirav growing up in India and Luani in Pasadena… their worlds came together when they met and had an instant connection. Their wedding at Erhart’s by the Sea had gorgeous views overlooking the Pacific ocean and a perfect blue sky day with great visibility. The ceremony was a traditional Indian Wedding with many beautiful rituals, including Jai Mala which is the exchange of garlands, and Vivah Havan (Lighting of the Sacred Fire), where the priest lights the sacred fire or Agni. Agni symbolizes the divine presence as a witness of the ceremony. Commitments made in the presence of agni are made in the presence of God. The reception was more modern with an excellent dance party that blended both cultures through music. The flowers were gorgeous thanks to Shawn Featherstone at, and Kathy Kotecha did a great job with the makeup and decorations. It was a perfect day and I truly feel blessed to have been Luani and Nirav’s wedding photographer. You can watch the slideshow here.



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